• Voice Recorder

  • Record Your voice:

    Click on 'Record' button and start speaking. If you are finished, then click on 'Play' button. It will start play back your own recorded voice.
    Also, 'Pause' button can be used to pause your speaking and can be resumed by clicking on 'Resume' button.


Record Record for 3 minutes Pause Download WAV


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Can Record your voice in MP3. MP3 is the de facto standard for recording and play back your audio

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WAV is common and basic audio format. You can record and play back your own voice in this format.

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This format allows to record your voice in high quality and was developed by Google.

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Another popular audio format for recording and playing back your voice. This format is compact and less size as compared to MP3.

Why is it so great?

This is a simple voice recorder application using capabilities of HTML 5 and JavaScript. Just click on 'Record' button and speak whatever you want. Once you think you are finished with your recording, then you click on 'Play' button again. It will stop recording and it will play back. It is that simple!!. 'Download' button will download your recorded file. So why do not you try and record your own voice?